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P_10766 availability

Hi there,

I am embarking upon a mapping project for which Lidar is really useful. Unfortunately the area i am mapping is only half covered by Lidar. It would be so nice to have the complete set.

Originally this area was due for survey last year. Are you able to confirm whether it was covered and if so, when it would be available?

It does seem that in 2019 further data became available but this data covered the exact area that previous surveys covered. Is this 2019 data just a reinterpretation of an earlier survey.

The tiles in question are TQ33NE and TQ33SE

Many thanks and much appreciation



Survey ID P_10766
Survey Name  
Project ID PM_1692
Project Name National LIDAR Programme
Coastal Work Package  
Capture Status Planned
LIDAR Resolution (m) 1.00
LIDAR Accurary (m) 0.15
Capture Season 2020/2021
Survey Area (km2) 675.77
Product Type National Programme 1m
First Survey Date  
Last Survey Date  
Survey ID's  
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Good morning Will,
Thanks for getting in touch.

To provide you with a complete answer to your question, I will need to get in touch with the team responsible for this data. I'll get back to you as soon as I hear from them.


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Hi Joanna,

Many thanks for forwarding my request. I had a quick look at the data available to see if anything had changed and to my joy i spotted that there was now a 2020 data set for the tiles TQ33NE and TQ33SE.

However having looked into it i find that it is exactly the same data set to the 2019 survey, which in its turn appears to cover exactly the same area as the 2017 set, see image.

I don't think i am doing anything wrong. I'm importing the DTM into an OCAD programme which creates hill shading, contours etc from the data.

Again, any assistance in this would be hugely appreciated.

Best wishes



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Hi Will,

I have now heard from the team responsible for this data: 

The LIDAR Composite is produced annually and includes the most recent survey available from our Timeseries and National LIDAR Programme for any given location merged into a single national coverage. The 2020 Composite currently has 88% coverage of England at 1m resolution and included any survey’s captured and processed up to September 2020. Unfortunately we have not undertaken an new survey’s in your area between 2017 and 2020, and as result the data in the 2020 LIDAR Composite is made up of the same underlying timeseries data as 2017 and 2019.

We have now surveyed the National LIDAR Programme block: P_10766 which will provide coverage of your area and is currently in processing. This will be released as part of the National LIDAR Programme timeseries datasets available to download from the portal - update is proposed for release by the end of this calendar year. P_10766 will then become part of the 2021 LIDAR Composite product which will be released in ~May 2022.

I hope this helps,


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