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Real Time Flood Monitoring API - Issue with Since Parameter

Since yesterday evening (21st April)  we've been having issues using the since parameter on the Real Time flood-monitoring API endpoints in our crawler, the error message states that the parameter is not accepted : 

Example endpoint: 

We’ve checked the documentation , but this still indicates that we should be using the ‘since’ parameter in our crawler. Does anyone know why the parameter is no longer working ? Has a new version of API been deployed which uses a different parameter ?

If someone could advise on whether this is a fault or if a new parameter should be used that would be great. 

Isha Amin //

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Hello Isha, 

There has been a change to the 'since' parameter for that endpoint, either of these two approaches should return the data you need:      

I hope this helps

Data Sharing and Access team

Ella Fotheringham //
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