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Flood risk - Historic data and reasons for change

Hi there,

I was hoping you could help me with a couple of questions regarding your data on the flooding risk (including the Risk of Flooding from Surface Water, on the Risk of Flooding from Rivers and the Sea, and the Flood Map for Planning).

I was wondering whether there was any way of accessing historic data on the risk of flooding (e.g. for the past twenty years)? Also, I was wondering how the risk of flooding is assessed and when updates are undertaken? I understand that the Risk of Flooding data take into account flood defences and their condition, whereas the Flood Map for Planning data do not. Are there any other reasons why the flood risk of an area may change over time?

Finally, is there any way of obtaining data on when flood defences were installed as well (rather than just where they are currently in place)?

Thank you for your help!

Kind regards,


Felicia Rankl //

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Hello Felicia, 

Thank you for your question, unfortunately we do not hold this information on the Data Services Platform, in order to obtain this you would need to submit an FOI/EIR request to 

I hope this helps.

Environment Agency 

Data Services Platform team 1 vote //
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