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Direct download for LiDAR


Just wanted to ask if you had any plans to develop an API for English LiDAR composite data or at least enable tiles to be downloaded with a stable URL?

I am familiar with the Arc Map portal and whilst this has a reasonable interface it has huge limitations in terms of undertaking efficient data analysis due to the download limt. 

I have been working on the development of an R package ( ) to automate the downloading of tiles via this portal. This initially worked well but, as I suspected, a section of the url, which I presume is the arcmap id, is not permenant and will only last for a short time or until your esri server allowance is full? By providing a stable tile download url, as is currently provided by both Welsh and Scottish Governments for their LiDAR, you would enable much better (more open) access of this data. The data is really fantastic and it seems such a shame that its accessibility is so limited.

If there is anything I can do to help make this happen, please let me know!

I would also like to add that I really appreciate the work you all do as a team to provide such a wide range of high quality data.

Cheers, Hugh


Hugh A Graham //

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Another request to please provide a direct download API, or to provide the WMS service with non-hillshaded images so that we can potentially extract the data from the WMS sourced images.

WMS currently provides the images in a hill-shaded version:,337815,459470,339863&width=2048&height=2048,337815,459470,339863&width=2048&height=2048
Gareth Simons 0 votes //
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