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Gaps in LIDAR coverage


Is there a reason for a gap in the coverage of the DTMs on tiles TL08 NE and TL18 NW? The gaps extend further and the whole regions is quite poorly covered but these are the tiles that I intended to work on. The gap extends to any year or resolution available it seems. However, I have seen that this whole site appears as having been surveyed in 2019.

Any information on the cause for this issue would be much appreciated.

Thank you

Rafael de Pedro //

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Hi Rafael and thanks for your enquiry. 

I'm afraid that extents of all data available for these tiles are visible in the web application you are referring to. You are also correct when you say that these tiles were surveyed back in 2019 and this data is due for publication in the next few weeks. 

More information about latest releases and what data is available can be found on the story map open data page

Hopefully you will find this useful. 



Joanna Whittle 0 votes //
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