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EA Data Requirement Library API - Add "picklist" values to JSON output

I am currently using the Environment Agency Data Requiremetns Library API to extract the list of assets and their associated attributes so we can replicate the EA database on a database system within our company. This allows us to capture all the data we produce during design and construction so we can feed the information into the EA Database when we hand over the project at the end of construction.

When querying for the attributes which are applicable to a particular asset type, the JSON returned (or any of the available return formats) do not include the list of options/values if the attribute type is a "picklist"

For example, on this page:
The attribute "(Inspection) Data Quality" is a picklist with possible values of 1, 2, 3, 4 or 5
However, the JSON code returned by the API does not include this detail

"@id": "http:\/\/\/asset-management\/id\/drl\/Beacon-inspection-data-quality",
"label": "(Inspection) Data Quality",
"description": "The inspection data quality",
"delivery": "EA7",
"mapping": "Feature.Attribute.Name.InspectionDataQuality",
"assetType": "http:\/\/\/asset-management\/def\/core\/Beacon",
"format": {
"@id": "http:\/\/\/asset-management\/id\/drl\/beacon-inspection-data-quality-picklist",
"type": "http:\/\/\/2004\/02\/skos\/core#ConceptScheme",
"label": "Picklist"

Could you update your API to include this information?

Jon Dempsey //

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Thank you Jon for your message. 

This is something we currently include in our API, but i will pass this into the technical team for consideration as a future improvement to the service. 

Many thanks

Ella Fotheringham

Environment Agency

Ella Fotheringham 0 votes //
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