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Rainfall API - More than 1 values return for 15min reading


The rainfall API is returning more than 1 value (two numbers) for 15min reading for some stations in value column. Has anybody came across it and know what meant it is. 

For example, for measurement station 1086, on 2nd October 2020, at 11:15 it has reported more than 1 rainfall value.  

I have also noted same issue when data downloaded as CSV from archive.

I will appreciate any explanations for it .


Sunil Terkar


Sunil Terkar //

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Hi Sunil

Thank you for your question - duplicate values are usually a symptom of a telemetry communication issue, I have passed this onto the local technical team to see if there are any know issues.

I will post an update when I receive a response.

Many thanks

Ella Fotheringham

Environment Agency


Ella Fotheringham //
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The local team have confirmed it is just a spike caused by the telemetry comms from site, this can occur at any time and we usually capture it with filters.  In the instance that this is happening regularly or causing problems the area team will investigate further. 

I hope this helps

Ella Fotheringham



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