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When will National LIDAR data be available to download?

If I look on this web page: and look at the page entitled "Full Coverage National LIDAR" I can see a survey made in December 2019 which I would like to download (Survey ID P_10624 to be precise). If I look for this on the download page, "How to access Open Data" it does not appear. I can not find anything later than 2017 for that particular area. Can you tell me when this data will be available?

Alexander John Finch //

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Hi Alexander,

Thank you for your question.  The National LIDAR Programme data is released annually for each season of capture – Capture seasons run from October to May.

For data flown in December 2019 this will therefore be released in the next end of year update which we expect to be in November/December 2020.

I hope this helps

Ella Fotheringham

Environment Agency

Data Services Platform team 1 vote //
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