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NATMAP soil data - data download problem

Dear DSP,

I am working on a DEFRA project as a contractor. Through this project, I recently acquired a license, via the data information & access team, to access the NATMAP vector soil dataset. I was then advised by a member of the SM-DEFRA-GI team to set up an account on the Defra Data Standards platform (, and to download the data from the relevant data page (

Unfortunately, when I click on the 'Available Downloadable Datasets' link (which take you to the 'Defra spatial data download' page) I'm greeted with a pink warning box which states "You have no access to datasets within this map - if you have user credentials, logon and re-try" (please see the attached image).

I've tried this several times - I'm sure that I'm logged into my account. Is this happening because my access permissions for this dataset have not filtered through yet (though I registered two weeks ago), or is this a technical glitch with the spatial data download portal?

Up until now I have been corresponding with my contact in the SM-DEFRA-GI team, but they have advised me to raise this issue with you via this forum. I hope you are able to help.

Thanks in advance for your help with this matter.





Robert Hawkes //

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Hi Robert,

Thank you for your question and apologies for the delay in responding, i have been made aware that you have recieved the data you require. 

If you have any further issues please can you use the report an issue form as this generates a support ticket which is sent direcltly to the supplier -  

Many thanks

Ella Fotheringham 

Environment Agency 

Data Services Platform team 0 votes //
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