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Consented Discharges to Controlled Waters with Conditions data relationships


Am I right in thinking that to create a flat table from the look ups for determinands and effluents you have to look up using Permit Number/Permit Ref, Effluent Number, Outlet Number and Permit revision?

When I do this there are 1,155 records (just active) or 2,278 records (all) where EA_REGION does not match - not including ones where Determinands do not match (c.23K and c.78k respectively), even though the Grid reference is the same. In other cases SV0000.... or TA000....  is used but guess that is another issue:

Should I ignore the EA_REGION columns from the joining tables (Effluent and Determinands)?

Hopefully someone can help



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Hi John,

Many thanks, the technical owner of the dataset has provided the following information:

Table Consents_active or Consents_all is linked to table effluents by EA_Region, Permit_number/Permit_ref, Permit_Version/Version, Outlet_number and Effluent_number.

Table effluents is then linked to table determinands by EA_Region, Permit_ref, Version, Outlet_number and Effluent_Number.

I hope this helps?

Ella Fotheringham

Environment Agency

Data Services Platform team //
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