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Mapping enhancement of rural village and surrounding area - Lidar

Hi, I live in the rural village of Grafton Regis, near Towcester, Northants NN12 7HW.  I am hoping that existing Lidar data can be overlaid on existing maps (OS etc) to make it possible to identify sites of historical/archeological interest that are not apparent to the human eye or simple aerial photography. I have never used Lidar data before so, I am a rank novice!!! So far, all that I have managed to do is to download OGIS 3.12 as this seems to be a part of the solution.  From here on, I have not managed anything!  What next should I do, please? My area of interest is approximately within a two mile radius of the postcode I have provided. The village has a very rich history being a civil war battle site, and at one time the home of Edward IV and Henry VIII. Edward IV married a local girl here in the village. Henry VIII had a manor/hunting lodge etc.

Thanking you in anticipation.

Derek Stanley Bird //

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Hi Derek,

Unfortunately we are unable to provide technical support on how to use the data, but I have compiled some resources that will help, assuming you are using QGIS.

Using our data in QGIS

Our data in QGIS

QGIS working with Rasters

Historic England LIDAR resource

This one’s for ArcGIS which is a good read for GIS knowledge

I hope this helps

Ella Fotheringham 

Environment Agency 

Data Services Platform team 1 vote //
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Hello Derek, just enquiring whether or not you've made any progress with QGIS and EA terrain models?  I've done some work with both so if I can be of any help then let me know. There is some one-metre data available for your area of interest.


Nick Hopton 1 vote //
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Posted on behalf of Derek:
Nick,  great to hear from you. So far, I have only realised that I am a dummy and any help that lets me study the village and its surrounds would be greatly appreciated. We know a great deal about its royal history but far less of what may be just under the surface.!!

Best Regards,  Derek
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