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RPA land Parcels in ArcGIS


We are really excited that the RPA land parcels are being served as a REST service. However, when I open the data in ArcMap, it shows me ALL the parcels for the whole of England! As you can imagine, this is significantly slowing down the map. I cannot put a definition query on the layer to show just our SBI parcels, as it is a Map Service. Is there an associated WFS or Feature Service that can be used? 



Holly Smith //

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Hi Holly,

Thank you for your question, unfortunately ESRI products can't make use of the service as it stands.  It can be used in QGIS or the download service can be used to obtain a shapefile or file geodatabase which can be used in ArcMap. 

We can potentially look at adding a Web Feature Service as part of our future development but nothing is imminent.

I hope this helps

Ella Fotheringham 


Data Services Platform team 0 votes //
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