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Chemical datasets

Hi there, I was wondering if Defra or the Environmental agency had any public use chemical datasets (with major and trace elements) for the River Severn? I have checked the Centre for Ecology and Hydrology and it seems like they only have data sets for the Plynlimon catchment (headwaters of the Severn).

Thanks for any advice!

Kirsty Harrington //

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Hi Kirsty,

Thanks for your message and apologies for the delay in responding, these data sets might be useful:

  • Concentrations of chemicals are sampled from the River Severn, the result of which can be viewed and downloaded from the online water quality archive. You could use the API, or do a search for specific sample points. I would suggest choosing the location using the map facility or searching for “River Severn” and they will get a list of available sampling locations, For example R Severn (Lower) Westgate Bridge. Alternatively you could download the “Shropshire Herefordshire Worcestershire and Gloucestershire “Area monitoring data and filter out the results you wish.
  • WFD water body classification results including chemicals can be viewed or downloaded for the Severn River Basin District through the Catchment Data Explorer.
  • Annual WFD Site Classifications which include chemicals assessments are available to download via the DSP

Hope this helps

Ella Fotheringham

Environment Agency 

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Hi Ella,

Thanks for that information, it was very helpful!

Best wishes,


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