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Waste Operator Permit / EWC Code tie up

Hi, hope all’s well


We are currently building a system for a client where the end goal is for a user to enter a waste operator’s permit number which will then load a page that shows the details of the waste operator and importantly – which EWC codes that waste operator can accept/handle.


Using the APIs we can obviously look up all the waste operator permits in the UK (similar to the environment agencies website), and we have a separate list of EWC codes (similar to but there doesn’t appear to be any way of accessing data that links the 2 – so we can tie them up. Are you able to provide us with any data sets that have both the permit number and what EWC codes that permit covers?



Paul McMahon //

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Hi Paul,

Thank you for your question, unfortunately we do not have a dataset with this information and some older sites don’t have EWC codes in their permits.

Ella Fotheringham 

Ella Fotheringham //

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Hi Ella, thank you for the quick reply - really appreciate it

Are there any additional data sets available that can act as a juncture point, for us to tie up on ourside.  For example a 3rd dataset that has the Waste Management Licence No. / site postcode / EWC codes on

Or are the EWC codes a completely separate stand alone entity?

Kind regards

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