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Roads Data - MasterMap ITN / OS Highways

The OS MasterMap ITN (Integrated Travel Network) data previously hosted on the Partner Data Catalogue is not available any more. (I am aware that this is being superseded by Ordnance Survey as Highways.)

Using the Ordnance Survey PSMA (Public Service Mapping Agreement) I am able to download the MasterMap ITN data in a GML format directly from Ordnance Survery's own website; but due to software (and maybe lack of knowledge/skills) I am unable to use this format. Is this data - or equivalent - still available directly through this service as a shapefile/geodatabase as it was on the Partner Data Catalogue? Or will it be soon?


Andrew Duval //

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Hi Andrew,

ITN is going to be withdrawn soon, so we opted not to host it on the Data Services Platform.  We will be hosting the MasterMap Highways layers, but unfortunately they have taken longer to prepare than we expected. It could be a month or two before they are available.

Apologies for the inconvenience.


Dan Haigh

Environment Agency Data Sharing & Access team

Dan Haigh 1 vote //
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