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Spatial data catalogue WMS directory

Hello Defra Data Services Forum,

There used to be a WMS link to the whole spatial data catalogue; &

This link no longer works however and a lot of internal tools and processes for our company reference this WMS directory for spatial data.

Is there an equivalent link to the full spatial data catalogue? Or do we need to create many WMS links to each of the spatial layers we wish to load? 


Any help is greatly appreciated,


Jack Heslop //

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Hi Jack,

Unfortunately we no longer support connections to multiple datasets via one URL, you will need to connect to each individual layer for the data you require.

Many thanks



Data Services Platform team //
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Hey Ella,

My company operates in the same way as Jacks and we're having similar issues. We link the WMS & WFS files to Google Earth and QGIS so we can view multiple layers at once. We've tried the new individual links provided on this site (For example the Flood Zone 2 dataset but they do not appear to be working either.  Can you please advise on how we can access these datasets given neither the EA link nor the DEFRA one appears to be working?

Kind Regards,


Chloe Spencer 2 votes //
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Hello Chloe,

I had the same issues earlier and found the error: the "copy link to clipboard" button erroneously copies the current webpage url. If instead you follow the "dataset link" it takes you to the correct URL for the WMS layer:

Pasting that into a QGIS WMS layer should work. (Also will need to change the layer rendering style to multiply as its standard styling is with a solid white background).




Jack Heslop 4 votes //
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Thank you Jack for this useful information.

Chloe, i hope this has resolved your issue, if you need any further help please let me know.

many thanks

Ella Fotheringham

Environment Agency

Data Services Platform team 1 vote //
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