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    How do I use the map?


    There are two modes for the map depending on the data you are viewing, however there are common controls that apply in both modes. To view the map in full screen, which can be useful in areas with lots of information, click the full screen button below the zoom controls (that looks like four arrows pointing outwards). The map can be panned by clicking and dragging, and zoomed in or out using the mouse wheel or the zoom controls in the top right of the map.

    When browsing other data, including flood risk areas, strategic areas and measure data hovering over a location on the map will make a list appear at the bottom of the map showing all features in the selected location. If there is more than one item in the list, this means that there are overlapping features at the selected location.

    Clicking on the map at that location will ‘pin’ the list allowing you to view the measures and scroll through the list if necessary. Selecting an item from the list will take you to the relevant page, such as a flood risk area or a detailed measure page. To ‘unpin’ the list, select anywhere else on the map.

    You can toggle the visibility of some layers using the controls in the top left of the map.

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