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    Ecology and Fish data API - June 2022 updates


    We have made some changes to the Ecology and Fish data API in June 2022 update:

    • Transitional and Coastal (TraC) water fish data and marine benthic invertebrate data are now included in the API.
    • Marine phytoplankton data are now updated on a monthly basis along with the other datasets.

    Specific changes to the endpoints are detailed below:

    • Observations:
      • The date field has been changed from analysis_date to sample_date for the Biosys data. For NFPD data, the date is the event_date.
      • NFPD observations will now display the total number of runs. Values have been split out and renamed e.g. number_of_runs to make it easier to understand what each observation relates to.
    • Sites:
      • NFPD data now displays the Easting, Northing, Latitude and Longitude fields.
    • Sites by ID:
      • A bug preventing phytoplankton data being displayed inn this end-point has been fixed.
      • Reporting area has been added to the Biosys data.
      • Date of first survey, date of last survey and number of surveys fields have been added to the NFPD data along with location data such as eastings/northings etc.
    • Surveys:
      • Survey_lat and survey_long fields are now displayed for relevant marine Biosys surveys. Note: Freshwater Biosys surveys only have site lat/longs.
    • Surveys by ID:
      • This data has changed in structure to display the observations per survey. Additional location data has been added.
    • Taxa
      • This was not returning the full list of reference taxa in the Biosys dataset but this has now been fixed.
    • Species
      • There has been no change to this endpoint.
    • Observation types
      • Some new observation types have been added e.g. ‘A Marine Benthic Invertebrate Taxa Observation’
    • Observable properties
      • Comments are all now populated and any new observable properties have been added e.g. NUMBER_FOUND
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