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    How have the Reservoir Flood Extents been produced?


    How have the maps been produced?

    A summary of how the Reservoir Flood Extents maps have been produced is available on GOV.UK. A copy of the Specification is available on request from reservoirs@environment-agency.gov.uk.

    When will the maps be updated again?

    In accordance with the Flood Risk Regulations 2009 flood maps must be reviewed at intervals of no more than 6 years. The next review is due by December 2025.

    Do all reservoirs have flood maps?

    No, only large-raised reservoirs that were in Operation in October 2016. Reservoirs under construction and under the supervision of a construction engineer since October 2016 have not yet been modelled.

    Why can I no longer see the simplified depth and speed mapping?

    To comply with current security requirements, the simplified depth and speed mapping cannot be made available to the public.

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