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    Data Requirements Library version history



    An upgrade of the Data Requirements Library (DRL) app took place on 27th April 2021. Details of subsequent DRL data updates are listed below.

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    Version date

    Description of change



    • Added new Animal Trap Asset Type. 
    • Added new Pathway Asset Type and associated Elements and Attributes, including a new Element Type of Pathway Surface 
    • Created Security Screen element for Public Safety Control System asset. 
    • Added ‘Honeypot Site’ attribute to Public Safety Control System and PSRA Tree Site asset types, and removed ‘Honeypot Site’ attribute from all other asset types. 
    • Merged Eel Pass and Lamprey Pass assets into Fish Pass asset. 
    • Removed Eel Pass and Lamprey Pass assets. 
    • Amended description of Fish Pass asset. 
    • Added Band Screen, Dampers, Left Bank Wall, Right Bank Wall, and Springs elements to Fish Pass asset. 
    • Renamed Fish / Eel Pass Type attribute to Fish / Eel / Lamprey Pass Type. Picklist values from Lamprey Pass Type added to Fish / Eel / Lamprey Pass Type. 
    • Added Balustrade element to Ramp asset. 
    • Added new Ceiling element to building assets. 
    • Added new Deflector element to Fish Pass asset. 
    • Added new Gauge Backing Board element to Gauge Board asset. 
    • Added new Handrail element to Amenity Building, Bridge, Debris Screen, Fish Refuge, Fishing Cage, Fishing Platform, Ramp, Residential Building, Steps, Surface Water Tank and Visitor Centre assets.  
    • Removed Soffit element from Simple Culvert asset. 
    • Removed Glass as a material type for several elements. 
    • Amended description for breakwater asset type – EA symbology is a line not a point. 
    • Made Crest element optional for Breakwater assets. 
    • Amended description of Balustrade element. 
    • Amended description for Protection Type attribute of Rain Gauge asset (no longer mandatory when Purpose = Flood Risk Management). 
    • Added Demountable Defence Type attribute to Demountable Defence asset. 
    • Added Capacity of reservoir, Max height of dam, and Surface water area attributes to Reservoir asset. 
    • Added Revetment Depth attribute to all elements with revetments. 
    • Added Seeding Surface Type and Topsoil Depth attributes to Crest, Exposed Face and Landward Face elements. 
    • Amended picklist values for Wall Type attribute. 
    • Amended maximum and minimum values of test attributes (Debris Screen, Screen element). 
    • Added missing option of Turf to Element Material Picklists for Landward Face and Exposed Face 
    • Added EA symbology to description of PSRA Tree Site asset. 
    • Amended Uniclass codes for some information deliverables.


    • Renamed Fish Scarers element to Fish Guidance and Deterrents.
    • Renamed Piling element to Bearing Piling.
    • Added Balustrade element to Promenade asset.
    • Added Bearing Piling element to Fishing Platform asset. 
    • Added Berm element to Lock Island asset. 
    • Added Bollard element to Ramp asset.
    • Added Cable and Pipe Management element to Inspection Chamber and Stilling Well assets.
    • Added Channel Side element to Lock Island asset.
    • Added Datum Plates and Markers element to Weir asset.
    • Added Drainage System element to Inspection Chamber and Stilling Well assets.
    • Added Equipment Mounting Board element to Inspection Chamber and Telemetry System assets.
    • Added Excavated Ground element to Promenade asset.
    • Added Exposed Face element to Promenade asset.
    • Added Exposed Toe element to Promenade asset.
    • Added Fastenings element to CCTV Camera System, Flood Warning System, Inspection Chamber, Instrumentation, Piezometer, Rain Gauge, and Steps assets.
    • Added Fill element to Promenade asset.
    • Added Fixings element to CCTV Camera System, Flood Warning System, Inspection Chamber, Piezometer, and Rain Gauge assets.
    • Added Floor element to Inspection Chamber asset.
    • Added Foundation element to Promenade asset.
    • Added Frame element to Inspection Chamber and Stilling Well assets.
    • Added Guide Pile element to Debris Boom and Navigation Boom assets.
    • Added Internal Features element to Inspection Chamber and Stilling Well assets.
    • Added Landward Face element to Lock Island asset. 
    • Added Motor element to Pressure System Assembly asset.
    • Added Padlock or Lock element to Fish Pass and Lamprey Pass assets.
    • Added Pipe Valve element to Stilling Well asset.
    • Added Pressure System Valves element to Pressure System Assembly asset.
    • Added Pump element to Pressure System Assembly asset.
    • Added Road element to Promenade asset.
    • Added Roof element to Dock asset.
    • Added Security Barrier element to Canoe Portage Point, Car Park or Hardstanding, Ramp, Slipway, and Vehicle Access Road assets.
    • Added Sensor element to Pressure System Assembly and Pump Assembly assets.
    • Added Shore element to Promenade asset.
    • Added Splash Wall element to Promenade asset.
    • Added Substructure element to Inspection Chamber and Stilling Well assets.
    • Added Treads and Risers element to Canoe Portage Point, Jetty, Landing, Mooring, and Pier assets.
    • Added Water Point element to Dock, Jetty, Mooring and Quay assets.
    • Added Stone (Worked) and Stone (Unworked) to coating materials picklist for Left Bank Wall, Right Bank Wall and Sheet Piling elements.
    • Added Ferrous Metal - Galvanised Steel to materials picklist for numerous elements.
    • Added Slate and Tile to materials picklist for Roof element.
    • Added Render to revetment materials picklist for Exposed Face and Landward Face elements.
    • Added Bridleway Bridge to Bridge Type picklist; Machine Condition and Machine Operation to Monitoring Purpose picklist; Anemometer, Flow, Speed and Vibration to Sensor Type picklist; Unknown to Solar Panels Rating picklist; and Thermometer to Temperature Instrumentation picklist.
    • Changed Environmental to Environment Management, and added Business Support to Purpose picklist.
    • Changed Pressure Sensor to Pressure in Sensor Type picklist.
    • Added Downstream Cill Level, Downstream Retention Level, Lock Operation Type, Planned Reopening Date, Temporarily Closed, Upstream Cill Level, and Upstream Retention Level attributes to Lock asset.
    • Added Vertical Pile Length and Buried Pile Depth attributes to Bearing Piling and Sheet Piling elements.
    • Asset Ref attribute made non-mandatory for Asset Complexes.
    • PAT Test Date attribute made non-mandatory for Network element.
    • Renamed No of Culverts attribute to No of Culvert Barrels.
    • Fixed / Non Fixed Asset attribute removed from Gauge Board asset.
    • Removed trailing space from the Uniclass code for Engine Assembly.Removed trailing spaces from the EAGW value in the Author picklist, and from the IV, SA, SF and TS values in the Volume picklist.
    • Removed trailing spaces from the names of picklists: Element Material - Band Screen, Element Material - Pipe Sleeve, Element Material - Pipe Valve, Rotating Comb Type, Rotating Drum Type and Router Type
    • Amended descriptions of Stilling Well asset and Gantry element.
    • Fixed typo in name of Telephone Number attribute.
    • Fixed errors fixed in the descriptions of the Information Purposes asset, its Purpose attribute, and the Stage (File Naming Attributes) attribute.
    • Amended description of Asset ID, Asset Complex ID, and Default Geo Type attributes.
    • Amended Uniclass codes for some information deliverables.
    • Electrical System element added to Lock asset type.
    • Deleted duplicate Information Delivery elements.
    • Amended Uniclass codes for Eel Pass, Engineered High Ground, Fish Pass, Gauge Board, Lamprey Pass, Natural High Ground asset types.
    • Amended Uniclass codes for Balustrade, Bellows, Engine, Exposed Face (Quay), High Ground, Lock Gate, Quay Face, Service Pedestal, Stem and Wheel Stop elements.
    • Amended Uniclass codes for C0500, C1000, E1500 and G1100 information deliverables.
    • Removed Protection Type attribute from all Building assets.
    • Renamed Asset Name, Asset Status and Asset Status Date attributes to Asset Complex Name, etc., and amended descriptions of FRMS, Owner, Owner Function, Maintainer and Operator attributes for all Asset Complexes.
    • Amended descriptions of Honeypot Site and Requirements attributes for Harbour Complexes.
    • Fixed typo in description of Undertaker Status attribute.
    • Key Photo attribute made mandatory, and its description updated.
    • Changed units of Available Capacity attribute from “kVa” to “kVA”.
    • Amended text about symbology and AIMS OM in asset descriptions.


    • Amended definitions of CCTV Camera, Jetty, Pier and PSRA Tree Site asset types. 
    • Fixed broken symbology images for Borehole, Jetty and Sand Trap asset types.
    • Amended descriptions of Deterioration Rate Used, Bounding Box, Control LineString, Edge LineString1 and Edge LineString2 attributes. 
    • Typo fix: “Below Required Condtion” corrected to “Below Required Condition” in several attribute descriptions. 
    • Purpose of Bounding Box attribute changed from P09 to P01 for Asset Complexes.
    • Test attributes added to Debris Screen asset and its Screen element. 

    Upgraded version of DRL released:

    • Asset Type / Asset Sub-Type / Element hierarchy renamed to Asset Category / Asset Type / Element
    • Many more Asset and Element definitions.
    • More attributes. Mandatory attributes are highlighted, and minimum values for numeric attributes are specified.
    • Uniclass 2015 codes for Elements.
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