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    Data Requirements Library version history



    An upgrade of the Data Requirements Library (DRL) app took place on 27th April 2021. Details of subsequent DRL data updates are listed below.

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    Version date

    Description of change


    Upgraded version of DRL released:

    • Asset Type / Asset Sub-Type / Element hierarchy renamed to Asset Category / Asset Type / Element
    • Many more Asset and Element definitions.
    • More attributes. Mandatory attributes are highlighted, and minimum values for numeric attributes are specified.
    • Uniclass 2015 codes for Elements.


    • Amended definitions of CCTV Camera, Jetty, Pier and PSRA Tree Site asset types. 
    • Fixed broken symbology images for Borehole, Jetty and Sand Trap asset types.
    • Amended descriptions of Deterioration Rate Used, Bounding Box, Control LineString, Edge LineString1 and Edge LineString2 attributes. 
    • Typo fix: “Below Required Condition” corrected to “Below Required Condition” in several attribute descriptions. 
    • Purpose of Bounding Box attribute changed from P09 to P01 for Asset Complexes. 
    • Test attributes added to Debris Screen asset and its Screen element. 
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