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    Ecology and Fish Data API or Data Explorer – which should I use ?


    The Ecology and Fish data collection is made available through a Data Explorer and through the new API.

    The API access is best suited to users who are writing applications that need to access segments of the Ecology and Fish data, e.g. some specific species, counts or indices from a group of sites.

    If you are interested in large amounts of data, e.g. large area coverage or long timeframes, then you will find the bulk downloads of the Data Explorer the most efficient way to retrieve the data for your purposes.

    If you are unfamiliar with the Ecology and Fish Data, the Ecology and Fish Data Explorer is the best place to start – it will help you to browse and get to know the data. All relevant documentation for the freshwater datasets are also available from the Explorer.

    If you are interested in the Marine phytoplankton surveys dataset you will have a choice of either accessing it through the API or, as data downloads, through the Data Services Platform.

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