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    Consented Discharges to Controlled Waters with Conditions - clarification of units


    To clarify the units used for DWF, Max_Daily, Mean, and Max_Rate in the Effluents table are as follows: 

    • DWF, Max_Daily and Mean are all in cubic metres per day
    • Max_Rate is in litres per second

    Flow figures should be entered in 2 places on WIMS – within the effluents screen and also as a determinand.

    Both tables are included within the dataset but there are some instances where the flow figures have been entered in one and not the other so generally the effluents table is the more reliable source. However, this does not report the units as these show as a field label within WIMS itself. Where they have been entered as determinands the units are included and thus show within the table.

    A link to the Consented Discharges to controlled waters with Conditions data is available here: https://environment.data.gov.uk/dataset/5fe5ab2e-d465-11e4-8a42-f0def148f590


    Consented Discharges to Controlled Waters With Conditions dataset - amendments from April 2021.

    Measurement units have been added to the measurement field names within the Effluent table.


    Original Field Name

    Amended Field Name



    DWF (m3/d)

    Dry weather flow limit (cubic metres per day)


    MAX_DAILY (m3/d)

    Maximum daily flow limit (cubic metres per day)


    MEAN (m3/d)

    Mean flow limit (cubic metres per day)


    MAX_RATE (l/s)

    Maximum flow limit (litres per second)

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      Alex Garratt

      Hi Ella,
      I saw in a conversation which I now can't find, that it is possible to request a user guide specifically for the consented discharges with conditions database to help with using it and explaining field names etc.
      Could I request a copy please.

      Many thanks