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    Bitesize: Why publish Linked Data?


    Why do you it?


    For most organisations the reason for making data available is to help people find, understand and use it.


    There are many ways to achieve those goals and an overall data strategy will combine a number of approaches, but linked data has an important contribution to make to those three pillars of making data useful.


    The World Wide Web Consortium has put together the Data on the Web Best Practices and the Spatial Data on the Web Best Practices, giving guidance and recommendations on how to make use of the web to disseminate data. Effective use of linked data is well suited to implementation of those best practices.


    It is also a good match to the recently released UK National Data Strategy. Linked data directly addresses the 'Data Foundations' element of this strategy, which states:


    “The true value of data can only be fully realised when it is fit for purpose, recorded in standardised formats on modern, future-proof systems and held in a condition that means it is findable, accessible, interoperable and reusable. By improving the quality of the data, we can use it more effectively and drive better insights and outcomes from its use.”



    The Pillars of effective data use from the National Data Strategy September 2020


    It also addresses the third priority ‘mission’ in the government’s strategy:


    “[...] the government (will drive) major improvements in the way information is efficiently managed, used and shared across government. To succeed, we need a whole-government approach that ensures alignment around the best practice and standards needed to drive value and insights from data; and the creation of an appropriately safeguarded, joined-up and interoperable data infrastructure to support this”


    To explore Defra's linked data, go to https://environment.data.gov.uk/. For enquiries about the data, or to talk to the team about your data, please Submit Feedback/Report an issue.

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