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    Data Services Platform software update - 12 November 2020


    On Thursday, the 12th of November, we have released an update to the Defra Data Services Platform (DSP) software.  

    Details of features included in this release are outlined below:

    • Update to DSP Cookie Policy and new cookie information/consent banner.

    Updated Cookie Policy page will make details of cookies captured by the DSP clearly available to the user. New cookie consent banner will provides the user with an avenue to approve or reject the use of optional cookies and information about cookies.

    Cookie Policy page will be linked from the DSP Footer.

    • Data releases:

    Latest version of the OS products will be made available to our registered partner users and contractors:

    • Dataset update - OS MasterMap (Sept 2020)
    • OS 1:25,000 Scale Colour Raster
    • OS 1:50000 Scale Colour Raster

    Earlier this month published the following datasets were published on the DSP:

    • OS Water Network (available only to Partners and Contractors)
    • 2020 Lidar DTM and DSM Time Stamped Tiles

    For information on new and updated datasets, please visit the relevant pages in the Announcements area of the Forum. You can subscribe to those pages for notifications about any future updates. 


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