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    How do I find out about the latest dataset updates and announcements?

    To follow an announcement section or FAQ you must have an account on the forum and sign in. This is because the alerts will be sent to you via email with the email you provide when registering.

    When you have signed in and located the announcement section or FAQ you want to follow you should see an option to "Follow" on the right-hand side.

    In order to receive notifications for all activity its important you follow the  "section heading" e.g Datasets and select "new articles and comments" - this is particularly important if you want to receive the latest information on dataset updates. 



    If you only follow the article within the section you will only get an announcement if a comment is made not if the article is updated.


    If at any point you wish to unfollow the post you can return to the post and click "Unfollow".

     The same banner will appear at the top to confirm you are no longer following.

     A direct link to all Announcements is here: 


    A direct link to all FAQs is here: 



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