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    Where can I view the Lidar data?


    You can view an image of our Lidar data through this web map service Preview option available for all 2020 LIDAR Composite datasets available on the Defra Data Services Platform

    To view the data, choose one of the Composite datasets in the list above and click on it. On the metadata/information page for each dataset, scroll down to the Dataset links section and click on the preview button corresponding to the WMS link. The Preview page will open, where you will need to zoom in to the area you are interested in and switch on the layer you wish to view - choosing from the data itself or footprint/boundary of it. 

    The Coverage Metadata Files - Web Map Service Preview option will give you a similar overview of the extents of all raster data we publish, but not the data itself. 

    The 'Preview' service is only an image of the data and as such it cannot be queried.

    If you wish to use our data, please see these FAQs:




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      Matthew L Tagney

      Re "you can view an image of the lidar data through this web map service": When I click on the link shown, it takes me to a page headed (white on black) "Defra data services platform" and below that (white on green) "Defra OGC preview". The page doesn't appear to say anything about Lidar data. There is a zoomable grey map, and a box on the right headed "Layer list" but below that it just says "Operational layers" and i cannot make a list of layers appear. If I click "surveys" in the white-on-black line, i get a page "Defra survey data download", with a box on the right about "download your data", but again nothing about Lidar data. This seems to be a dead end! Where and how exactly can i view an image of Lidar data, please?

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      Data Services Platform team

      Hi Matthew - I have updated the above article to hopefully give clearer step by step instructions on how to view our LIDAR data.
      I hope this helps,