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    Where can I view the Lidar data?


    You can view an image of our Lidar data through this web map service:


    You cannot query or use this data as it is only an image.

    If you wish to use our data,

    see these FAQs:




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      Matthew L Tagney

      Re "you can view an image of the lidar data through this web map service": When I click on the link shown, it takes me to a page headed (white on black) "Defra data services platform" and below that (white on green) "Defra OGC preview". The page doesn't appear to say anything about Lidar data. There is a zoomable grey map, and a box on the right headed "Layer list" but below that it just says "Operational layers" and i cannot make a list of layers appear. If I click "surveys" in the white-on-black line, i get a page "Defra survey data download", with a box on the right about "download your data", but again nothing about Lidar data. This seems to be a dead end! Where and how exactly can i view an image of Lidar data, please?