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    How can I access the 2020/21 LIDAR capture programme?


    The LIDAR 2020/2021 capture programme is available here:  


    This web application allows you to view and explore the Environment Agency's LIDAR capture programme.  It includes both forward look to the current capture season and previous seasons captured.


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      Rowland Geoff

      When/how will I be able to download the National LiDAR DSM/DTM for South Dorset captured in 2020/2021? Survey IDs P_10628 and P_11991

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      Data Services Platform team

      Good morning Geoff and thanks for getting in touch.
      I'll have to pass your question to the relevant team to confirm the dates. I'll get back to you as soon as I hear from them.

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      Data Services Platform team

      Hi Geoff - here's the response from our colleagues managing LIDAR data:

      Many Thanks for your question. P_11991 will be release for download on the survey portal in the next batch in early January 2022. P_10628 is still in processing and are hopeful it will be released in the march 2022 quarterly updated.

      Many Thanks,

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      Rowland Geoff