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    How can I get a copy of the National Receptors Dataset (NRD)?


    The National Receptors Dataset (NRD) can be downloaded from the Defra Data Services Platform by registered users via the link below:


    Users must be logged into their DSP account for the link to work.  Find out details of who can register on the Data Services Platform.

    For details of the licence under which you can use the NRD, see our FAQ on licence conditions.

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      amy burgess

      Hello, do we have a date for the updated NRD yet please? Thank you

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      Data Services Platform team

      Hi Amy,
      We are hoping to produce an updated version of the NRD this year, unfortunately I cannot confirm the exact date.

      If you follow the announcements section of the forum you will receive an email notification each time a dataset is updated:

      I hope this helps.

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      Lucy Goodman

      I am trying to download the NRD data by selecting the area I need on the map with the polygon tool. A red box appears saying the area I would like the data for is 'outside of my area of interest'? I don't remember setting that. How can I change/extend my remit please so i can download the data required. Thanks

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      Joanna Whittle

      Hi Lucy, the area of interest for your account was set up when you first registered on the DSP. You will see the area relevant to your account when you look at the map in the download app - it's the area highlighted in yellow. You can also see the description of your area of interest in your account details, once you are logged into the DSP.

      If this area needs to be changed/extended, please could you raise this as an issue ticket through the Forum please? (Feedback/Issue button should be visible on the top of the Forum screen, next to where your account name is displayed.)

      Hope this helps!

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      amy burgess

      Hello, I was told it would be Summer this year for the NRD, do we have a date for this please? Thanks. Amy

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      Data Services Platform team

      Hi Amy,

      The NRD team have sent us the following update:

      Things have slipped slightly and we are now looking at September rather than summer. The delay was due to a combination of:
      - Needing to finalise some of the decisions around additional data that will be incorporated into the NRD
      - Our technical expert having to prioritise statutory work

      Our technical expert has now been relieved of his other workload, and is working solely on the NRD update through the month of July so we are confident that it will be published in September. We are also looking at how we can improve the guidance documents that accompany the NRD and explain what it is, how it can be used and how it has changed since 2014 but unfortunately these cannot be finalised until we have the completed dataset.