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    How do I access API Rainfall data?


    Website developers can access our rainfall data through an Application Programming Interface (API). An API is a set of tools for building software applications. It provides the building blocks for developers to create an application or ‘web service’.

    We have approximately 1000 real time rain gauges which are connected by telemetry. Measurements of the amount of precipitation (mm) are captured in automatic rain gauges and reported back to use for operation decision making. The data reported here gives accumulated totals for each 15 minute period. The data is typically transferred once or twice a day but more frequently during heavy rainfall events.

    Please note the API is unvalidated data and could potentially contain errors due to faulty instruments or on-site maintenance.

    For quality controlled and historic data (more than 12 months) please send your request to: enquiries@environment-agency.gov.uk 

    You can access the Rainfall API from the Data Services Platform homepage:


    We have developed a demonstrator which shows how to use the API:






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