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    Can I Download Large Areas Of Risk of Flooding from Surface Water Data?


    Currently, the Data Services Platform open data portal only enables Risk of Flooding from Surface Water (ROFSW) data to be downloaded one tile at a time. Due to the size and complexity of this data it is not currently possible to request large area downloads through the download app. 

    To order an offline supply of ROSFW data, make a request using the "Report an issue" option on the "Submit Feedback/Report an issue" form

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      Daniel Kinder

      Hi Ella,

      How often are the ROFSW layers updated?
      Would it be possible to make them available via WFS?

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      Dan Haigh

      Hi Daniel,

      The RoFSW data is updated irregularly. We are currently working on the next update which we expect to publish soon. This will be announced here: https://support.environment.data.gov.uk/hc/en-gb/articles/360000908738-Environment-Agency-datasets

      We will consider making them available via WFS, but this will probably happen after the update.


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      Christian Woodhouse

      Hi Dan,

      Please can you provide an update on where you're at with WFS feeds for Surface Water Flooding and any other EA datasets that are currently not available as WFS.

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      Data Services Platform team

      Hi Christian,

      The format our datasets are provided in depend on the nature and complexity of the data itself. The Risk of Flooding from Surface Water is a very large and complex dataset and our most recent update is available as either a download or a WMS.

      Data Services Platform Team