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    In what format is the Lidar data available?


    The National LIDAR Programme and LIDAR Composite 2019 and 2020 data is available in GeoTiff Format, supplied in 5km tiles.

    The LIDAR Composite 2017 data is available in ASCII format in 1km tiles.


    The LIDAR Time Stamped data is available in GeoTiff format. The tile size is dependent on the source resolution.

    All LIDAR Point Cloud data is available in .laz format, which is the compressed form of .las files.


    ASCII data is available to registered partners for all raster products.


    To find this data, go on to the survey portal and select the data you require from the layers list:



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      Tim Downs


      The method for downloading one os5k tile at time using the interactive map is cumbersome and cannot be automated.

      What is the API for downloading one tile at time using a simple single HTTP request (e.g. something of the form https://environment.data.gov.uk/spatialdata/lidar-composite-digital-surface-model-dsm-2m/TILE=TQ00sw)

      I cannot find the answer in the documentation.
      Many thanks

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      Data Services Platform team

      Hi Tim,

      Currently there is no API access to the data, and it must be downloaded one tile at a time. We appreciate that this is not an ideal process, and we are looking into ways in which it can be improved.

      Dan, Data Services Platform team