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    Historic Flood Warnings


    The Historic Flood Warning dataset lists the Severe Flood Warnings, Flood Warnings and Flood Alerts issued from the flood warning service since it went live on January 26th 2006 to the present.

    The dataset includes flood warnings issued by the Environment Agency for England.

    Update frequency

    This data is supplied quarterly during the following months: April, July, October, and January.

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    Common questions & known issues

    Flood warnings are issued for flooding from rivers and the sea and, for a limited number of locations, for groundwater flooding. There are three flood warning codes and a notification when warnings are removed. These are:

    • Severe Flood Warning: Severe flooding. Danger to life.
    • Flood Warning: Flooding is expected. Immediate action required.
    • Flood Alert: Flooding is possible. Be prepared.
    • Warning no longer in force: Flood warnings and flood alerts that have been removed in the last 24 hours

    Prior to 2010 flood alert messages were named Flood Watch messages.

    Target Areas represent geographic areas of land.

    Update Flood Alert, Update Flood Warning and Update Severe Flood Warning messages are used to update customers on ongoing flood events.

    Registration to receive messages from Flood Alert Target Areas is optional and is chosen by the customer when registering.

    Dataset content

    Historic Flood Warnings - Unique keys: CODE

    Field name



    Shows the date and time that the warning was issued from the flood warning system


    Shows the Environment Agency operational Area that issued the warning message


    The Target Area code for the flood warning or flood alert area


    The Target Area name for the flood warning or flood alert area


    The severity of the flood warning message sent

     A direct link to the Historic Flood Warnings is here: 



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    • Avatar
      Jeremy Green

      How do I find a weather flood warning???????

    • Avatar
      Ella Fotheringham


      Please refer to the following https://flood-warning-information.service.gov.uk/warnings

      Many thanks

    • Avatar
      Matthew Costain


      I would like to include a widget on our website which shows live flood alerts for the local area. We have this for Greater London already, but would be great if we could include at a more local level - to cover the River Pinn/Ruislip. Is this possible?


    • Avatar
      Dan Haigh

      Hi Matt,

      The Flood Warning Widgets don't go to that level of detail, but you can pull back warning information for specific areas from our Flood Monitoring API. See https://environment.data.gov.uk/flood-monitoring/doc/reference#flood-warnings

      Data Services Platform Team