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    How to download Rainfall data as a CSV (excel)


    1. From the DSP homepage select “App Gallery” then “Rainfall Demonstrator”


    2. Search for stations by station ID, or enter a postcode in the search box - A list of stations will appear, select the relevant station ID (you can select more than one).


    3. Information on the selected station will appear, to download the data in a CSV file select the                   “api details” button.


    4. Select the information you require from the list below in CSV format (this will open in Microsoft excel) and select OK.


    These readings are recorded in 15 minute intervals.

    Please note this is unvalidated data and could potentially contain errors due to faulty instruments or on-site maintenance. 

    For historic rainfall data please see: https://support.environment.data.gov.uk/hc/en-gb/articles/360009246272-How-do-I-get-historic-rainfall-data-


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