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    Broken links to non-spatial datasets


    We are aware that some links on the DSP to non-spatial datasets are broken.  Please be assured that we are looking into this and we hope to fix them as soon as possible.  Apologies for the inconvenience.

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      Christopher Hall

      Please can we have an update from this one on the 28th May? We rely heavily on the open data links as it helps direct workloads away from teams in area. As part of the Customer & Engagement team I would recommend cascading this information out sooner rather than later as some areas may not be aware. Christopher Hall - North East Area.

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      Joanna Whittle

      Hi Chris and thank you for your comment.

      Non-spatial data available through the DSP is hosted on a separate system (unrelated to the DSP) and we are only able to publish updates for this issue as we are made aware of the progress. Work on resolving this issue is progressing with some of the datasets already back online, but it will take us some time to fix all the links impacted.