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    How do I download Lidar data?


    The Lidar data is available here:


    For instructions on how to download Lidar data please see the video below:


    To receive an email notification each time the Lidar data is updated please follow the announcements section of the forum.



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      Nick Collingridge

      When I follow the link I get an error message saying "Invalid Link - The link you are trying to access does not exist".

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      Lionel Boyes

      When I follow the link I get the same error message as Nick above saying "Invalid Link - The link you are trying to access does not exist" How can this be rectified?

    • Avatar
      Ella Fotheringham

      Apologies, this link is now back up and running.

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      Frederick Julian Smith

      The help video posted is no use as it does not include instruction on how to log on if you are an independent consultant of a member of the public. The speaker in the video refers to a previous video which seems to explain how to do that????

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      Ella Fotheringham

      Hi Frederick,
      The Lidar data is openly available to everyone - no log in required.

      We did experience a few issues accessing the Lidar data yesterday but this has now been rectified.

      Apologies for any inconvenience this may have caused.

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      james bamber

      Thanks for the email. I've seen the video which shows how to download a small area. As mentioned I am wanting a full download of lidar data. If I create a polygon to cover the whole coverage, it's saying it's too large. I am unable to submit the order. It does say in the message about enabling a full download...but I can't see how I can do this? Apologies in advance if this is obvious.

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      Dan Haigh

      Hi James,
      Due to the enormous size of the Lidar data we only downloadable in smaller tiles.
      We can however supply a large/full extract of the data offline. Please make a request using the Report An Issue link on this forum, specifying your requirements. You may be asked to send in a hard drive for the data to be loaded onto.