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    Catchment Data Explorer


    The Catchment Data Explorer (CDE) is designed to help you explore and download information about the water environment used in River Basin Management Plans.

    A direct link to the CDE is here: 


    For information on how to use the CDE please see refer to the help page:




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      Andy Garwood

      Hi EA people

      I have been asked to download the GIS data for the catchment areas for our planning dept to use, normally your data is really easy to find, in this case I dont seem to be able to find where i can download the shp files

      Can you help?


      Dover District Council

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      Ella Fotheringham

      Hello Andy,
      Please use the data downloader on the following link:

      I hope this helps

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      Brett Farrel Corden

      Good afternoon.
      Is the Catchment Data Explorer still being updated with status reports or is it now a platform for management plans?
      Friends of Hurley Brook