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    Historic Landfill Sites - Quarterly Summary


    What are Landfill sites?

    Landfill sites are waste disposal activities regulated by the Environment Agency under the Environmental Permitting Regulations. The Historic Landfill Sites dataset (HLD) contains details of those sites where the permits have been surrendered or revoked but also includes information collated on older sites from local authorities and other organisations.

    The data is the most comprehensive and consistent national historic landfill dataset and defines the location of, and provides specific attributes for, known historic (closed) landfill sites. This includes sites that existed before any permitting regimes as well as those permitted sites where the permit has been revoked, ceased to exist or surrendered. Pre-permitting data was provided by local authorities, consultants and British Geological Survey.

    It includes all relevant historic information for the sites that both local authorities, other organisations and the Environment Agency have collected over the years. The data is also available in ESRI shape file format, with the boundaries digitised from a base scale of 1:10,000.

    A landfill permit is regulated by the Environment Agency whilst it is effective. After a permit has ceased to have effect, this responsibility is transferred to the local authority. Therefore any issues related to historic landfills should be referred to the appropriate local authority.

    How is the dataset maintained?
    We accept applications for landfill sites. Our National Permitting Service determines the application, and if accepted, issues an effective permit for the activity to the operator.
    After issue local regulatory officers then check that the operator is compliant with their permit conditions and can take enforcement action against them, if necessary, which can include revocation of the permit. When we are satisfied that the site is not causing environmental pollution, the operator can surrender the permit. This can be several years after landfilling activities have ceased.

    We do not update the information provided by local authorities or other organisations on former sites unless:

    • A member of the public is being adversely affected by publication of that data and they can provide evidence from the local authority that (a) the site is in the wrong location (b) or the site never existed.                                                                                                         

    If reliable evidence is provided we will update our shape files and this dataset.

    How often is this dataset updated?
    We publish and update this dataset every quarter. To receive an email notification each time the dataset is updated simply follow the Datasets section on the forum. 

    Where can I find the latest dataset? 




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      Alison Lamont

      The link to the latest dataset for Historic Landfill Sites does not work. It says 'Page not found'

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      Data Services Platform team

      HI Alison, thanks very much for highlighting this. I have now fixed access to this dataset.