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    February 2019


    We have received some great feedback since the launch of the new Defra Data Services Platform, below is a summary of your feedback and our responses. 

    • Can you add telephone numbers to public register records? The information we publish is governed by what is required by the legislation for each public register.
    • Can Companies House company number be added to public register records? Although we may refer to this information when processing permits/licences, we do not collect this information. We would need to undertake work to accurately match our public register records with information held by Companies House.
    • I want to search a waste carrier number but i am not clear on the number format required - Examples of format information will be added to the search box during the next upgrade.
    • How do i know when a dataset was last updated? We are currently working on expanding the amount of metadata available.
    • Risk of Flooding from Surface Water (direction layer)We have removed the curved translucent arrows and returned to the solid black arrows with single direction.
    • Why doesnt my account show me the data i have downloaded and provide progress on current orders? Currently under investigation. 
    • Is it possible to have WMS/WFS links that connect to multiple datasets simultaneously? Currently under investigation. 


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