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    Contractor data orders: Why was my download request rejected?


    The majority of data published via the Defra Data Services Platform is published as Open Data and can be downloaded by anyone without the need to log in.

    However, some of the data is restricted by licensing conditions specific to each dataset. This restricted data is available to registered users only and, in case of ‘Defra-body contractor’ user accounts, only for use in projects contracted by Defra.

    Any download requests of restricted data by contractors have to be approved by the relevant Project Manager from the Defra body funding the work.

    The project manager may reject your order if they don't think you need the data to do the contracted work, for example if you have ordered an irrelevant dataset or data for too large a geographical area. If you disagree, discuss it with the project manager. An order may also be rejected if you have named the wrong person as the project manager.

    If you provide details of the project manager from your own organisation, instead of the Defra PM, the order will not be progressed. In this case, you will receive an email informing you that the download request was rejected.

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