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    Data Services Platform user guide


    Please see the links below to the guidance document and demonstration videos on how to use the Data Services Platform

    The guidance document:


    Demonstration videos:

    Landing page:  https://ea.sharefile.com/d-s0077160aa164efda

    Registration 1: https://ea.sharefile.com/d-sfbd05dab7a349dfb

    Registration 2: https://ea.sharefile.com/d-s9ee5be588ba46f39

    Log in 1: https://ea.sharefile.com/d-s4e2ff26c9b446feb

    Log in 2: https://ea.sharefile.com/d-s1fa9b0e4b2a41358

    Search: https://ea.sharefile.com/d-sfd907cf66fa41238

    Download Survey data: https://ea.sharefile.com/d-s6c1e0bb7c8548948

    Download Risk of Flooding from Surface Water data: https://ea.sharefile.com/d-s1d2e2e870924dbab

    Download Spatial data: https://ea.sharefile.com/d-s226d305739f48788

    Please note these links are likely to change, we recommend you refer to the links from here rather than storing them locally. 

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    • Avatar
      Susan Vizard

      Hello, the links to all the videos seem to be broken, can you advise how I can access them please?

    • Avatar
      stewart jordan

      Please can the links be updated, they all report as invalid.

    • Avatar
      Ella Fotheringham

      Thank you Stewart, these links have now been updated.

      Ella Fotheringham