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    How do I register for the forum?


    If you would like to post a question, contribute to conversations or follow announcements you will need to create an account.

    To do this you will need to provide your name and email address. Please note this email address will be the one you get alerts to when any updates are made to articles. Please familiarise yourself with our privacy notice and terms and conditions which can be found under our  Legal FAQ's.

    When you are in the forum and if you are not already signed in you should see a 'Sign in' link in the top grey banner.

    Once you click this you will get a window pop up to ask for your email address and password.

    Unless you have signed up before you will not have a password so please click 'Sign up'.


    This will give you a new screen asking for your full name and email address and giving you another chance to review our terms and conditions.

    Once complete you will receive a welcome email that asks you to verify your email, please follow that link and the process will be complete. You can now comment on articles and follow sections or articles for updates.





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